’s social media executed a variety of original content and engaging posts throughout PGA Championship week. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram grew its followers via specialty graphics, gifs, memes, unique videos, selfies, and more. Those three accounts grew 30K new fans and followers in just a week.’s team helped manage PGA Championship’s Vine account, which posted 40+ vines during the final major. The account’s number of loops grew from 6k to over 6 Million in less than 10 days. Also, the John Daly vine was the No. 1 sports vine in the world for the day and No. 3 vine in the world. launched the first-ever Snapchat Live Story for a golf major. The story provided 9M global users with a total of 134M people who watched the story during a 24–hour time span. Also, CNN featured the young rising stars in the PGA Tour and used the’s selfies to promote PGA Championship. utilized Periscope throughout the week to grab unique content on the course. Brian Katrek interviewed various players during the Long Drive Competition and captured behind–the–scenes moments with 2012 National Teacher of the Year Michael Breed. Overall, the execution of various initiatives across social media provided an outstanding experience filled user–generated content and engaging posts to the sports world.