Turner Sports prides itself on taking bold steps to advancing its content coverage. Two main innovations included the use of 360 graphics on Facebook and the use of Live Streaming on Facebook and Twitter.

Days after Facebook began allowing third-party streaming through its player, Turner Sports went live with hosted sessions wrapped around post-game press conferences that allowed fans a place to vent and facilitated social media overlays on postgame media sessions. The idea quickly evolved to showcasing pregame warmups and a new medium for engaging fans was born. This has grown into a weekly stream of team Shootarounds on Tuesdays on NBA TV Fan Night. So far these Sideline Facebook Lives and our Shootarounds and press conference Lives have reached over 50 million users. In addition to these Shootarounds, the Turner Sports team has utilized Facebook Live to stream the Cavaliers Ring Ceremony presented by Nike and the release of the new Air Jordan XXXI Space Jam colorways presented by Jordan.

As part of a multi-year deal between the NBA & Twitter, Turner Sports is in the process of producing TWO original weekly programs for Twitter that leverage the interactivity of the medium, while also reflecting the randomness & quick-hitting nature of the social media platform. While in its infancy, these shows are averaging viewership of 20,000 people per minute.

360 graphics have also proved useful for the Social Team. These Facebook features allow our designers the freedom to create one graphic with the details of up to five individual graphics using Facebook’s technology. Simply move your phone or swipe to see move the graphic to see more information.

KD vs Durant Matchup Graphic: https://www.facebook.com/NBAONTNT/photos/a.300050805723.326238.40266450723/10157836256245724/?type=3&theater

Opening Week Graphics:
Clippers vs Blazers

Celtics vs Bulls


Screen recording of 360 graphics on facebook

Ring Ceremony broadcast on Facebook LIVE