Mess up or do something embarrassing? You might find yourself on Shaqtin’ A Fool, the weekly run through of the biggest flubs and funniest moments from the NBA.

The main idea initially started as a segment just talking about mistakes, but Shaqtin’ has turned into a new verb of sorts. Air ball a free throw? Accidentally pass the ball into the stands? You’re just Shaqtin’. “Shaqtin’” has become synonymous with a flub of sorts, being mentioned in sports broadcasts outside of basketball too.

On average, the weekly video clip receives almost half-million views on Facebook with even more views and engagements coming from Twitter and Instagram. During the 2015-2016 season, Shaqtin’ clips were posted on social handles 29 times and received over 97.5 Million impressions and almost eight million engagements just on Facebook alone.

Other 2015-2016 highlights:

  • Shaqtin related hashtags: 92K (380/day)
  • “Shaqtin” mentions: 159K times (657/day)
  • “Shaqtin’ related content was tweeted in every continent except Antarctica